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Inclusive and Minimal


The Major Project of my MA degree, this was exhibited at Sheffield Hallam University's

Creative Spark degree show

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Toast can be used in one of two orientations; a truly ambidextrous and inclusive product. It features a simple and intuitive interface, able to easily identify the desired brownness level, which is automatically determined by the number of element rotations per minute, through a capacitive touch screen that will not be affected by accidental knocks through clothing or textiles.


Toasting a variety of food thicknesses, its Infrared Sensor detects the food height as it approaches its dual Ceramic Halogen elements, which then relies on the coarse, rotating element to pull the food through, with the heat dissipating sidewards to prevent newly toasted food from cooling. Gravity then drops the toasted food on to the consumer’s plate in approxi- mately 100 seconds. At this point, the elements automatically switch off, remaining hot for 7 minutes, ready for the subsequent piece of food without any warm-up delay.


Its heat resistant deterrent shields prevent burnage from grasping hands, however, in the event of prying fingers, the Infrared Sensor will activate the element, but the red aura will act as a warning. Once the fingers are removed, the element will switch off again. Cleaning the product is as simple as touching the Clean button, where then the upper element will automatically move up to allow the consumer to wipe the elements and the glass base from any crumbs. By touching the Clean button again or the Stop button, the upper element will return to its original position. 


Each Halogen element has a lifespan of 2,500 hours, which is approximately 100,000 slices of toast. However, Toast is a product for life.


Thus, should the element break or reach the end of its life, Level 1 Repair entails the partial disassembly of the product, entailing the removal of several hex screws with a spanner or screwdriver by the consumer, in order to supplant any potentially failed elements with off-the-shelf replacements. This adds greater connotation to the term ‘Inclusivity’.

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